Past Concerts

FEB 09 SAT 19:30 DOOR

SebVé release concert for his new LP Maximum Intra, with additional sets by Giovanni Verga (electronics) and JD Zazie (electronics)

FEB 07 THU 19:30 DOOR

Flamingo presents GRDS, its expanded lineup for 11 performers: Yorgos Dimitriadis (snare), Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet), Adam Goodwin (bass), Chris Heenan (contrabass clarinet), Brad Henkel (trumpet), Elena Kakaliagou (horn), Mike Majkowski (bass), Adam Pultz Melbye (bass), Dag Magnus Narvesen (snare), Simon Rose (baritone saxophone), Christian Windfeld (snare)

FEB 06 WED 19:30 DOOR

Flamingo, Chris Heenan (contrabass clarinet), Adam Pultz Melbye (contrabass), Christian Windfeld (snare)

FEB 02 SAT 19:30 DOOR

Anna Zaradny (electronics, synthesizers) performs music from her solo album Go Go Theurgy; Andrea Taeggi (electronics), live set based on his recent work with the Hitachi 240 analog computer, HP3300A function generator, HP8006A word generator, EG&G Model 189, ARP 2500, and ARP 2600

FEB 01 FRI 19:30 DOOR

Bryan Eubanks and Eric Wong, duo for synthesizer and electric guitar, and Mike Majkowski, solo electronics

JAN 30 WED 19:30 DOOR

Els Vandeweyer, solo vibraphone and Sabine Vogel, solo flute amplified flute and other things

JAN 29 TUE 19:30

Biliana Voutchkova, Miako Klein, and Magda Mayas, trio for violin/voice, recorders, and prepared piano

JAN 25 FRI 19:30

Antonis Anissegos, solo for amplified piano

JAN 24 THU 19:30 Series ::

Phill Niblock presents

Poure for Lucy (23:32), performed by Lucy Railton, cello

Two Blooms (46:00), performed by Ensemble Partitions and Resonances: Johnny Chang (vn), Catherine Lamb (va), Hannes Lingens (acc), Mike Majkowski (db), Morten J Olsen (vib), Derek Shirley (vc)

JAN 23 WED 19:30

The Pitch, with Boris Baltschun (electric pump organ/computer), Koen Nutters (upright bass), Morten J. Olsen (vibraphone/cassette delay), and Michael Thieke (clarinet)

JAN 19 SAT 19:30

Zaïmph, the solo project of Marcia Bassett; Maria Chavez, solo turntable set; and Megumi Eda/Audrey Chen, duo performance

JAN 16 WED 19:30 tmrw > cassette label presents

Rinus van Alebeek, tape performance, and Carina Khorkhordina, solo trumpet

JAN 15 TUE 19:30 Schwebstoff #2

Burkhard Beins, solo percussion, and Werner Dafeldecker, solo contrabass. Special guest: Jens Strüver

JAN 12 SAT 19:30

s o n g s, Annie Gårlid (viola, voice), Derek Shirley (cello), Rishin Singh (trombone, voice), and Stine Sterne (flute, voice)

JAN 11 FRI 19:30 Sequence presents

Christian Smith, performing music for single percussion instruments (frame drum, spring drum, tile, stone, and saw blades)

Esaias Järnegard, kuarup A (2013) for frame drum and singing percussionist

Esaias Järnegard, kuarup B (2013) for spring drum

Douglas Farrand, Discrete Species (2011-18), for stone, tile, and saw blades (concept and video by Christian Smith)

JAN 10 THU 19:30 Vibrant Matter presents:

Marisol Jiménez performing Works for Cybernetic Ensemble; Axel Dörner and Heather Frasch, duo for trumpet and flute

JAN 09 WED 19:00 chords, melodies

Marc Sabat, Seeds of skies, alibis: Prologue (2018) (live computer music version)

Mareike Yin-Yee Lee and Marc Sabat, HANDS to MOUTHS (2018) (media work)

Sara Cubarsi and Xenia Gogu (Duo Skhisma) perform violin solos and duets by Marc Sabat:

  • Plainsound Duet (2018)
  • Sei Bach-Intonazioni per Violino Solo, IIa (2010-17): Sonata Seconda a Violino Solo senza Basso, by J.S. Bach (intonation and 2nd voice composed by Marc Sabat)
  • Les Duresses: a book of music in Just Intonation (2004) : Intonation after Morton Feldman 1; Intonation after Morton Feldman 2; Two Commas; and Duas Quintas
  • Cucumber Serenades (2009), also with Marc Sabat and Thomas Nicholson (violin choir)

JAN 08 TUE 19:00 chords, melodies

Chiyoko Szlavnics, Water Sky (2018) (media work)

Marc Sabat, Gioseffo Zarlino (2015), performed by Marc Sabat (viola), Thomas Nicholson (violin), and Fredrik Rasten (guitar)

Vilhelm Bromander and Fredrik Rasten, duo for double bass and guitar

Viola Torros, Augmentations, arranged and performed by Catherine Lamb and Johnny Chang (violas)

Germaine Sijstermans, thi (2018) for bass clarinet

Germaine Sijstermans, lavendula (2018), performed by Rebecca Lane (flute), Germaine Sijstersmans (clarinet), and Derek Shirley (cello)

Fredrik Rasten, Harmony for two or more voices (2018), performed by Marc Sabat (viola), Thomas Nicholson (violin), Fredrik Rasten (guitar), Catherine Lamb (viola), Johnny Chang (viola), and Vilhelm Bromander (double bass)

JAN 07 MON 19:00 chords, melodies

Thomas Nicholson, servicemaster (2017) (media work)

Thomas Nicholson, JUST (2019), performed by Thomas Nicholson (piano)

Thomas Nicholson, STILL (2018), performed by Marc Sabat (viola) and Thomas Nicholson (violin)

Vilhelm Bromander and Michael Thieke, duo for double bass and clarinet

Johan Lindvall, waiting - singing (2018), performed by Fredrik Rasten (guitar) and Germaine Sijstermans (clarinet)

Germaine Sijstermans, call, there (2018), performed by Eric Wong (guitar), Johny Chang (viola), Germaine Sijstermans (bass clarinet)

JAN 06 SUN 19:00 chords, melodies

Mareike Yin-Yee Lee and Marc Sabat, LIGHT GROUND (media work)

Marc Sabat, Part song (2017), performed by Marc Sabat (violin) and Vilhelm Bromander (double bass)

Fredrik Rasten, Limn for guitar and voice (2018)

Catherine Lamb, Prisma Interius III, performed by Catherine Lamb (viola) and Bryan Eubanks (secondary rainbow synthesizer)

Marc Sabat, Nocturne (1996), performed by Thomas Nicholson (piano)

DEC 27 THU 19:30 Vibrant Matter presents:

Tomoko Hojo, Unfinished Descriptions. Exhibition and performance of compositions based on Yoko Ono's O14, with scores by Peter Cusack, Cathy Lane, Catherine Clover, Daniela Cascella, David Toop, G Douglas Barrett, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Rie Nakajima, and others

DEC 18 TUE 19:30

Magda Mayas and Michel Doneda, duo for prepared piano and soprano saxophone

DEC 15 SAT 19:30 Schwebstoff #1:

Simon James Phillips, solo piano

DEC 13 THU 19:30 Vibrant Matter presents:

A realization of Mark So's Girls on the Run (Other dreams) (2010) for ten readers, each with an image drawn from a remote experience. Performed by Esra Altin, Joanna Bailie, Johnny Chang, Jessica Gaynor, Maggie Kammerer, Koen Nutters, Martyna Poznańska, Brett Thompson, Quentin Tolimieri, and Monika Zyla

DEC 07 FRI 19:30 Entangled Sounds presents:

Felicity Mangan performing Quadra’frog’ic, for transducers, computer, and stereo sound system. Odd Narrative (tape, synths, electro-acoustic setup), a collaboration between Wouter Jaspers and Hainbach.

2018 NOV 25 SUN 19:30 Series ::

Catherine Lamb, Prisma Interius VIII (SR Version) (2018) performed by Catherine Lamb (viola), Rebecca Lane (tenor recorder), Lucy Railton (cello), Jon Heilbron (double bass), Joseph Houston (synthesizer), Xavier Lopez (synthesizer). Bryan Eubanks, For Four Double Basses (2014) performed by Jon Heilbron, Koen Nutters, Derek Shirley, and Mike Majkowski

2018 NOV 23 FRI 19:30 Antimatter presents:

Richard Scott performs a quadraphonic set on the Hordijk synthesizer. Wouter Jaspers performs a set of field recordings in triphonic mode.

2018 NOV 22 THU 19:30 Sequence presents:

Sarah Saviet (violin) playing Sciarrino, Caprice No. 6 / Gieshoff, spun / Finnissy, All the Trees They Are So High / Mendoza, Die Macht der Gewohnheit / Miller, For Mira / Johnson, Wolke über Bäumen / Dunn, Habitual

2018 NOV 15 THU 19:30 Sequence presents:

Imri Talgam (piano) playing Nancarrow, Studies for Player Piano Nos. 6 and 15; Two Canons for Ursula; and Tango? / Poppe, 840 variations / Furrer, voicelessness (the snow has no voice) / Krueger, renk / Klartag, Generally Pathetic for piano and analog synthesizer

2018 NOV 14 WED 19:30

Karlrecords Double Record-Release Concert. Opening set by Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (trombone) and Finn Loxbo (guitar), followed by Audrey Chen presenting Runt Vigor (KR046) and Hanno Leichtmann presenting Nouvelle Aventure (KR049)

2018 NOV 10 SAT 19:30

Derek Shirley (bass), Rico Lee (guitar), and Chris Abrahams (piano). Members of The Still play in trio formation

2018 NOV 09 FRI 19:30

Werner Dafeldecker, Lucio Capece, and Jon Heilbron Solo for double bass (Heilbron); duo for double bass and bass clarinet (Dafeldecker and Capece); trio for bass clarinet and two double basses

2018 NOV 08 THU 19:30

Boris Baltschun and Mike Majkowski, duo for analog synthesizers (Baltschun) and analog electronics/sampler (Majkowski)