Past Concerts

SEP 24 THU 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Worst Behaviour #4

Nina Guo & Augustė Vickunaitė, duo for voice and reel-to-reel tape machines; Manuel Pessoa de Lima presenting his new album Friseur for solo piano and playback; and Jessica Aszodi, against nature (solo performance)

SEP 23 WED 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Adam Pultz Melbye performs solo works for FAAB (Feedback-Actuated Augmented Bass) and contrabass.

Bex Burch performs solo percussion, including the gyil, a xylophone from Dagaare, Ghana.

SEP 22 TUE 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

A solo piano set by Elias Stemeseder, followed by a set with new trio partners Laura Schuler (violin) and Nick Dunston (bass)


Vertical Railway: An Elevator Project

Christina Ertl-Shirley's installation on the elevator as a sounding narrative space, featuring new works inspired by elevators and elevator music, composed and performed by Hilà Lahav, Sabine Ercklentz & Andrea Neumann, Maria Bertel (live streamed), and JD Zazie.

SEP 18 FRI 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Thomas Ankersmit, solo electronics, and Joe Talia, solo tape and electronics

SEP 17 THU 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Record release concert

Vinyl -terror & -horror (Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen) present their new album THE SOUND AROUND YOU, featuring George Kentros (violin)

SEP 12 SAT 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Composer, pianist, and electroacoustic musician Anthony Pateras performs solo piano; sound artist and composer HATAM presents The Sublime Object.

SEP 11 FRI 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Zinc & Copper: Well Tuned Brass

Melancholic & Hopeful

A remote conversation with Duane Pitre and Hilary Jeffery

Duane Pitre, Pons (work in progress)

Hilary Jeffery, Mining for Modulations, part 1 (UA), performed by Zinc & Copper, with Dearbhla Nolan (trumpet)

SEP 10 THU 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Zinc & Copper: Well Tuned Brass

Modes & Music

A conversation on modal music with Cenk Ergün and Elena Kakaliagou

Cenk Ergün, Small Small (Berlin premiere), performed by Zinc & Copper

SEP 9 WED 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Zinc & Copper: Well Tuned Brass

Blues & Tuning

A conversation with Robin Hayward on blues and microtonality, followed by Blue Brass, an improvisation by Zinc & Copper

Robin Hayward, Alpha Centauri (Berlin premiere), performed by Zinc & Copper

SEP 8 TUE 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Zinc & Copper: Well Tuned Brass

Pop & Harmony

A conversation with Ellen Arkbro on a harmonious way of working in dialogue with pop music

Ellen Arkbro, CHORDS for Brass (Berlin premiere), performed by Zinc & Copper

SEP 4 FRI 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Season Opener (cont'd)

Our season opener continues with Petter Eldh & Bendik Giske (double bass & saxophone); Lucy Railton & Petter Eldh (cello & double bass); Johnny Chang (solo violin); Morton Joh & Stine Janvin (short film); Judith Hamann (solo cello); and Lucio Capece (solo bass clarinet)

SEP 3 THU 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Season Opener

Lucy Railton invites friends (and friends of friends) for two nights of duo and solo performances, including Khyam Allami (solo electroacoustic oud); Jasmine Guffond (solo electronics), Stine Janvin (solo), Judith Hamann & Lucy Railton (cello duo); Elias Stemeseder (solo piano); and Cansu Tanrıkulu & Nick Dunston (voice & double bass)

MAR 12 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Macri Cáceres & Hatifnatten, featuring Macri Cáceres (concert flute, ceramic flutes), Sabine Vogel (concert flute, ceramic flutes) and Ute Wassermann (ceramic flutes, voice, bird whistles) performing on self-made Meso and South American pre-Hispanic instruments

MAR 7 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Morton Feldman, For John Cage (1982), performed by Sarah Saviet (violin) and Joe Houston (piano)

MAR 5 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Morton Feldman, For Bunita Marcus (1985), performed by Joe Houston (piano)

MAR 4 WED 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Morton Feldman, Patterns in a Chromatic Field (1981), performed by Lucy Railton (cello) and Joe Houston (piano)

MAR 2 MON 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Worst Behaviour #3

Popebama (Erin Rogers and Dennis Sullivan) perform duos by Erin Rogers, Paul Pinto, Jenna Lyle, and Dennis Sullivan; Rama Gottfried performs excerpts from his video-puppetry work Scenes from the Plastisphere

FEB 29 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Microtub, with Robin Hayward (microtonal F tuba), Peder Simonsen (microtonal C tuba, synthesizers), and Martin Taxt (microtonal C tuba)

FEB 28 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Glue, 10th anniversary concert, with Tom Arthurs (trumpet), Miles Perkin (contrabass), and Yorgos Dimitriadis (drums & microphones)

FEB 26 WED 19:30 DOORS, 20:00 START TIME

Sound Portraits #1

Sound Portraits presents a listening and discussion session on Maryanne Amacher, hosted by Doron Sadja.

FEB 25 TUE 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Banishing Ritual release concert

Adam Goodwin (solo bass) plays Scodanibbio, Scelsi and Goodwin, followed by Adam Goodwin, Book of Murmur (excerpts) for string quartet and Iron Age for violin and piano, with Adam Goodwin (bass), Penelope Gkika (violin), Shasta Ellenbogen (viola), Amélie Legrand (cello), Maroulita de Kol (piano)

FEB 24 MON 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

HEAR in NOW, the string trio of Mazz Swift (violin/vocals), Silvia Bolognesi (bass) and Tomeka Reid (cello)

FEB 20 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Vibrant Matter Portraits #4

Lucie Vítková performs Emergency - Migration (synthesizer, voice, tap dance); Wild Animal (sonic costume, accordion, voice); and Vibrant Matter (accordion, hichiriki, objects, voice), with Evelyn Saylor (voice, synthesizer, electronics), Stellan Veloce (cello, voice), and Martyna Poznańska (field recordings, objects, voice)

FEB 15 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

tmrw> #10

tmrw> tape label presents solo sets by Eric Bauer (reel-to-reel tape recorder, electronics) and Seiji Morimoto (electronics)

FEB 14 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Jean-Luc Guionnet & Seijiro Murayama, duo for saxophone and percussion; Leila Bordreuil, solo cello


The Golden Age #4

Exhibition of recent paintings by Christian Perdix, followed by a talk with Heiko Pfreundt and Lisa Schorm, directors of Kreuzberg Pavillon, on the challenges faced by Berlin project spaces in creating viable alternative structures to that of the commercial gallery world.

FEB 8 SAT 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Australian Bushfire Benefit

A fundraiser concert with Felicity Mangan, Joe Talia, Ned Collette, Merja Kokkonen, and Jessica Ekomane. All concert proceeds will be donated to the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

FEB 7 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Sequence #8

Sarah Saviet (violin) and Susanne Peters (flutes) play Natasha Barrett's Sagittarius A* (with electronics by Nicholas Moroz) and works by Jason Eckardt, Evan Johnson, and Timothy McCormack.

FEB 6 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Seth Josel premieres new solo guitar works by William Hellermann (reconstructed by Josel), Nicolas Collins, and Daniela Fantechi.

Nicolas Collins performs Immortal Coil (2019-20) for electromagnetic feedback and other works for live electronics.

FEB 1 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Luc Ex (bass) debuts his new trio with Audrey Chen (voice, electronics) and DJIllvibe (turntables); Felicity Mangan, solo electronics and field recordings

JAN 31 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Composer Alex Mendizabal gives a site-specific concert for membranes, water, and soap; performance artist Mattin presents his solo for audience.

JAN 30 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

The percussion and electronics duo reConvert perform Fernando Manassero's Amoeba and other works, with video by Ramiro Iturrioz. Mads Emil Dreyer's short film Bølger (2015) will also be presented.

JAN 25 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Kink Gong (aka Laurent Jeanneau) presents an audiovisual work comprising material from his acclaimed releases Chinese Voice (2019), Dali Market China (2007), Xinjiang 2009 (2018), Tibetan Buddhism Trip (2016), Morsing Bimo 1997 (2018), and Lisu Thailand (2013).

JAN 24 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Sam Dunscombe presents his recent compositions Outside Ludlow (Desert Disco) for quarter-inch tape, field recordings, and analog and digital synthesis and Eternities Return, a multi-channel synthesized work for sine waves.

JAN 23 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Judith Hamann plays Pulse Studies II for solo cello, and Jon Heilbron plays "January 22. Thomas Crow appears out of his mind. Sub-inspector King shot himself on the police station verandah. Another hot day." for solo contrabass

JAN 20 MON 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Release concert for Das B.'s first album Canopy, with Tony Buck (drums), Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Magda Mayas (piano) and Mike Majkowski (bass)

JAN 18 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT (note early start time)

The Mouthfeel is a series that explores poetry, narrative, and lecture in the context of experimental music and sound. Edition No. 2 features Antje Vowinckel, Kathi Hofer, Luci Dayhew, Nathan Gray, and T. Kowalski (in conjunction with CTM Vorspiel 2020.)

JAN 17 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT (note early start time)

tmrw> #09

tmrw> tape label presents Nina Guo & Augustė Vickunaitė's duo for high soprano and reel-to-reel tape recorder, Emilio Gordoa's Sound Emancipations I.II, and William "Bilwa" Costa's premiere of number phase: 12 - 19 / 20 - 90.

JAN 15 WED 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Worst Behaviour #2

Jennifer Torrence and Simon Løffler perform Graduale by Simon Løffler; Choral by Jeppe Virenfeldt Ernst; An elemental thing by Liza Lim; and Diomedeidae by Simon Løffler.

JAN 14 TUE 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 EVENT


Electronics composer, label manager, and author Cedrík Fermont and composer, musician, and poet Tomomi Adachi present their recent work and discuss currents within the global contemporary music scene.

JAN 13 MON 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Silke Eberhard, winner of Jazzpreis Berlin 2019, starts the year with a performance by her flagship trio, with Jan Roder (bass) and Kay Lübke (drums).

JAN 11 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT (note early start time)

The International Nothing celebrate its 20th anniversary with Three Nights of Nothing. The series begins at KM28 with Morton Feldman's Palais de Mari (1986), performed by Antonis Anissegos (solo piano); Seamus Cater, Traces of Alexander J. Ellis (2020) for voice and extended Pythagorean concertina; and The International Nothing (Kai Fagaschinski & Michael Thieke, clarinets & compositions) performing Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything (2006-09)


Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun, Name-dropping (2019) An audio-visual environment incorporating a hacked technical device, a singing text-to-speech system, voices from video tutorials, religious movies, talk shows and lectures, and an interview that never took place.

DEC 17 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

tmrw> #08

Amir Bolzman (solo electronics) and Delmore FX (solo electronics)

DEC 15 SUN 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Taratil 'id al-milad: Polish Christmas Songs in Arabic, performed by Barbara Kinga Majewska (voice) & Marcin Masecki (piano, synthesizer)

DEC 14 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Tristano at 100 continues its exploration of songs by Lennie Tristano, Lee Konitz, and Warne Marsh. Frank Gratkowski (reeds, flute), Håvard Wiik (piano), Heinrich Köbberling (drums), and Jonas Westergaard (bass)

DEC 13 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Smith Janet Chris Newman (voice and songs), Seth Josel (electric guitar and bass guitar) and Peter Meyer (electric guitar) present the latest incarnation of 1980s chamber-punk band Janet Smith.

DEC 12 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

75 Dollar Bill Rick Brown (percussion) and Che Chen (guitar), with guest Andrew Lafkas (bass)

DEC 11 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Partitions & Resonances #4

illogical harmonies (Johnny Chang & Mike Majkowski) follow their Another Timbre release Volume with a new album Circuit on ftarri, with special guest d'incise.

DEC 7 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

The Still (Steve Heather, Rico Lee, and Derek Shirley) are joined by guest keyboardist Liz Kosack (synthesizer and piano)


Entangled Sounds #6

Marta Zapparoli (tapes, antennas, radio receiver, detector), dieb13 (turntables), and JD Zazie (turntables, mixer, CDJ)

DEC 5 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Pip performs Possible Worlds, their latest release on SOFA, featuring Torstein Lavik Larsen (trumpet, sampler, synthesizer) and Fredrik Rasten (guitars, electronics)

DEC 4 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Shelley Hirsch & Joke Lanz, duo for voice and turntables; Ambient Rage, solo electronics

DEC 2 MON 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Release concert on Edition Wandelweiser

Dante Boon (solo piano) plays works from two new releases on Edition Wandelweiser: Rishin Singh's out from the blinding white and Dante Boon's hannesson . boon . philippakopoulos.

NOV 30 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Gordoa, Nakamura & Scott Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone) Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board) & Richard Scott (synthesizer)

NOV 29 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Eubanks, Nakamura & Neumann Bryan Eubanks (saxophone electronics), Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board) & Andrea Neumann (inside piano)

NOV 28 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Håvard Wiik, solo piano

NOV 27 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

RMF Olaf Rupp (guitar), Mathias Mueller (trombone) and Rudi Fischerlehner (drums); JR3 Rudi Mahall (clarinet), Jan Roder (bass) and Olaf Rupp (guitar)


Lucy Railton presents Tongue Depressor Henry Birdsey (fiddle, lap steel) and Zach Rowden (fiddle); Olle Holmberg aka Moon Wheel (electronics) ; and Rozemarie Heggen (bass) & Hilary Jeffery (trombone).


Dean Roberts presents his new album, coming soon on Erstwhile Records, with an opening set by Aperture Elisabetta and Emanuele Porcinai (voice, bass, electronics)

NOV 21 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Walter Zimmermann presents Irene Kurka singing John Cage's Eight Whiskus (1984), Mirakus² (1984), and Sonnekus² (1985) with antiphons by Hildegard von Bingen.

NOV 20 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

tmrw> #07

Peter Strickmann, objects and electronics, and DJ SchluchT, tape and electronics

NOV 16 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Kaufmann, Kosack & Marien A live recorded concert with Achim Kaufmann (piano), Liz Kosack (synthesizer), and Christian Marien (percussion)

NOV 15 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Johann Lindvall, compositions for solo piano and ensemble, with Johan Lindvall (piano), Fredrik Rasten (guitar and voice), and Derek Shirley (cello)

NOV 14 THU 18:30 DOORS; 19:00 EVENT; 20:00 CONCERT

The opening event of Musica Sanae in Berlin, with Tiziana Bertoncini, Nero Lento (violin and playback and light); Les énérves, Stultifera navis (acousmatic with live mix/EQ); and Anthony Pateras, The Traces of a Mistake, the Most Simple One Possible the Reactions of Even Younger Children (piano and electronics), composed by Rohan Drape and Anthony Pateras. (The launch of Positionen and Glissando magazines is at 19:00, with performances from 20:00.)

NOV 13 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

David Watson & Tony Buck Guitar/bagpipes and drums; Narodniki, with Patrick Holmes (clarinet), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Andrew Lafkas (bass), and Yorgos Dimitriadis (drums)

NOV 12 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT


Jessica Ekomane & SAVVY Contemporary's Kamila Metwaly present recent work and engage in discussion.

NOV 9 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Michael Gordon, Timber (2009), performed by Mantra Percussion (Al Cerulo, Michael McCurdy, Joe Bergen, Chris Graham, Joe Tucker, and Mark Utley)

Jessie Marino, Shirtology - Karaoke Version, an adaptation of Jérôme Bel's Shirtology (1997)

NOV 8 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Entangled Sounds #5

Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due, solo for accordion reeds, altered mechanical system

Strotter Inst. & Peter Vukmirovic Stevens, Bile Noire for modified turntables & piano

NOV 7 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Rieko Okuda's Paranorm for solo piano; and Metal Illusion, Rieko Okuda and Els Vandeweyer (piano, xylophone, tap dance)

NOV 6 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Series :: presents

André O. Möller, Just Seconds (2002) for throat singing and electronics, performed by Möller, and New untitled work (2019), performed by Rebecca Lane (flutes), Catherine Lamb (viola), and Derek Shirley (double bass)

NOV 5 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Hermione Johnson & Tony Buck, duo for piano and drums; Marina Cyrino & Matthias Koole, duo for hybrid flutes and electric guitar

NOV 4 MON 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Mariel Roberts, solo cello, performing works by Wojtek Blecharz, David Brynjar Franzson, Mariel Roberts, and Sam Pluta

NOV 2 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Mikroton release concert

SINK Chris Abrahams (DX7), Marcello Busato (drums), Andrea Ermke (mini discs and mixing board), Arthur Rother (guitar) mark their first album-length release after 18 years of live performance.

NOV 1 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Ishibashi - Talia - Yamamoto - Dunscombe - Hamann Eiko Ishibashi (piano, flute, electronics), Joe Talia (Revox 1/4” tape, percussion), Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (drums), with Sam Dunscombe (clarinet, electronics) and Judith Hamann (cello)

OCT 31 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Vibrant Matter Portrait Concert #3

Sarah Hughes, With Object, Writhing Body (2019) performed by Sarah Hughes (zither, piano and objects) and Kissing Repeat (2019) and Surreal Imaginings of Men (2017) performed by Sarah Hughes, Rebecca Lane (flute and objects), Koen Nutters (bass and objects), and Felicity Mangan (field recordings and objects)

OCT 30 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Worst Behaviour, Episode 1

Worst Behavior kicks off their series with "Welcome to Our Worst," with David Pocknee, Cotard Etude # 3, performed by Jessica Aszodi; Jessie Marino, Remappings, perforrmed by Marino & Aszodi; Jessica Aszodi & Martin Hansen, New Work; David Pocknee, Improvisation; and Jessie Marino & Jessica Aszodi, A map of the world on the face of the machine

OCT 28 MON 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Partitions & Resonances #3

Taku Sugimoto, Octet (2019), performed by Johnny Chang (violin), Samuel Dunscombe (clarinet), Jon Heilbron (double bass), Catherine Lamb (viola), Rebecca Lane (flute), Michiko Ogawa (clarinet), Lucy Railton (cello), and Fredrik Rasten (guitar)

Mieko Shiomi, Boundary Music (1963), a collective realization by the octet members plus Stefan Thut, Minami Saeki, and Taku Sugimoto

OCT 26 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

The Dogmatics Chris Abrahams (piano) & Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet); Simultan Simon James Phillips (piano) & Werner Dafeldecker (live processing)

OCT 25 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Werner Durand @ 65 with Victor Meertens (hammered guitars), Gianpaolo Peres (mirliton), and Phonosphere (Jens Strüver & Werner Durand)

OCT 24 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Series ::

James Tenney's Koan (1971) performed by Johnny Chang (violin), and Having Never Written a Note For Percussion (1971), performed by Hannes Lingens (cymbal)

OCT 22 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Day & Taxi Christoph Gallio (soprano, alto, and c-melody saxophones, composition ), Silvan Jeger (bass and voice), and Gerry Hemingway (drums)

OCT 21 MON 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Olivia Block (cassette tapes, microphones, synthesizer/organ, and piano) and Lucio Capece (bass clarinet, slide saxophone, analog filter, and suspended mini-speakers) perform new duo compositions.

OCT 19 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

tmrw> #06

tmrw> cassette label presents solo sets by 八月 jadwiga™ (vaporwave) and Lukatoyboy (instructional and demonstration tapes)

OCT 18 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Georg Graewe, Mass und Ausmass for solo piano

OCT 17 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Exercises, the third of three days with Håvard Wiik (piano), Ken Vandermark (reeds), Christof Kurzmann (lloopp), and Michael Thieke (clarinet)

OCT 16 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Exercises, the second of three days with Håvard Wiik (piano), Ken Vandermark (reeds), Christof Kurzmann (lloopp), and Michael Thieke (clarinet)

OCT 15 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Exercises, the first of three days with Håvard Wiik (piano), Ken Vandermark (reeds), Christof Kurzmann (lloopp), and Michael Thieke (clarinet)

OCT 12 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Series ::

Michael Winter, a lot of tiles (trivial scan) (installation); for gregory chaitin (piano); and ostinato and interrupt (guitar and electronics)

Robert Blatt, book of hours (two dictaphones, radio and metronome) and reading the dictionary (with Ben Glas, Joseph Kudirka, David Pocknee, and Michael Winter)

OCT 11 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler presents Tilman Kanitz performing John Cage, Etudes Boreales (for solo cello) (1978) and One7 (for solo cello) (1991); Morton Feldman, Projection 1, for cello (1950); and an improvised work with Ernstalbrecht Stiebler (piano)

OCT 10 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Ensemble Pamplemousse presents Audible Question Mark, six new works composed and performed by David Broome, Natacha Diels, Andrew Greenwald, Bryan Jacobs, Jessie Marino, and Weston Olencki

OCT 5 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Abrahams, Grip & Johansson, with Chris Abrahams (piano), Joel Grip (bass), and Sven-Åke Johansson (drums)

OCT 4 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Mazen Kerbaj, trumpet (solo set), and Mazen Kerbaj, trumpet and electronics (solo set). A double vinyl album release concert for Kerbaj's "Trumpet Solo Vol. 2.1 and 2.2".

OCT 2 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Chris Abrahams (piano, DX7, and electronics) & Andrea Parkins (accordion, objects, and electronics)

SEP 28 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Achim Kaufmann, solo piano, and MERMAIDS (right now) Tobias Delius (reeds), Yorgos Dimitriadis (drums), and Sascha Henkel (guitar)

SEP 27 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

tmrw> #5

Solo sets by DMNSZ (4-track recorders and sampler) and LOSZ (electronics) & Spherical Aberration (video)

SEP 25 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Isabelle Duthoit & Ute Wassermann, duo for voices

Bepler, Heather & Schick, with Jonathan Bepler (objects & electronics), Steve Heather (percussion & electronics), and Ignaz Schick (percussion & electronics)

SEP 24 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Mode Records release

Walter Zimmermann, Lokale Musik (1977-81): 10 Fränkische Tänze (without drone) – Keuper – 10 Fränkische Tänze (with drone), performed by Sonar Quartett, followed by improvised music for string quartet

SEP 21 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Quentin Tolimieri, solo piano, and Quentin Tolimieri & Chris Hill, piano and drums

SEP 20 FRI 19:00 DOOR, 19:30 CONCERT (Note the early start time.)

Dumpf Edition CD release and talk, moderated by Leonie Reineke

Segmod is a non-standard sound synthesis that embraces the discrete nature of digital sound. New Segmod compositions will be performed by Daniele Pozzi, Luc Döbereiner, Hanns Holger Rutz, David Pirrò, Yota Morimoto, Lula Romero, Miriam Akkermann, Ji Youn Kang, Casper Schipper, and Martin Lorenz.

SEP 19 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Rolando Hernández, Qué es la voz cuando sus elementos desaparecen? (2012); Mundstück: Andrea Neumann & Rolando Hernández; and Víctor del Moral Rivera & Willie Gurner, Spamglish

SEP 15 SUN 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Tetuzi Akiyama & Hervé Boghossian, duo for acoustic guitars

SEP 14 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Brown, Gratkowski & Bauer, featuring Chris Brown (piano), Frank Gratkowski (reeds) and Matthias Bauer (bass)

SEP 13 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Chris Brown performs Six Primes, a suite for solo piano tuned for this concert in 13-limit just intonation.

SEP 11 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sequence #7

Sarah Saviet (violin) performing Saunders, Lim, and Morishita; Joseph Houston (piano) performing Mark Barden's Études 1-3 (2016); and Departure Duo (Nina Guo and Eddie Kass) performing works for soprano and contrabass.

SEP 10 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 ARTIST TALK


Sam Auinger presents recent work in sound art and sonic thinking, followed by a conversation with Åsa Stjerna on artistic research, creative processes, and the connection between sound and urban space.

SEP 7 SAT19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Brandon Lopez, solo bass

SEP 5 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Aki Takase & Dag Magnus Narvesen, duo for piano and drums

SEP 3 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Shojiki (Muku Kobayashi and Mitsuru Tokisato), duo for motor and curing tape; Seiji Morimoto, solo for objects and electronics

AUG 31 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Eva-Maria Houben, Stars and Earth (2019) (UA) for two contrabasses, performed by Michael Duch and Koen Nutters

Quentin Tolimieri, Three Comedies: Variations (2014), multichannel electronic music

AUG 30 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Egil Kalman (modular synthesizer) & Fredrik Rasten (acoustic and electric guitar, voice)

Thomas Nicholson, CONE (2019), for one loudspeaker, and ATLAS, 2012 (2015), performed by Nicholson (violin) and Rasten (electric guitar)

AUG 2 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Entangled Sounds #4

Solo sets by Lucie Vítková (feedback, overtone flute, and sonic costumes) and Joke Lanz (turntables).

JUL 11 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Series ::

The Stigma Fog Saint Wards Off Extinction (2018), a film by Angela Jennings, with music by James Rushford (pre-recorded electronics), Michiko Ogawa, and Samuel Dunscombe; performed by Michiko Ogawa and Samuel Dunscombe

Manuel Pessoa de Lima, Michiko Ogawa, and an anonymous videographer present their audio-visual collaboration Ya-ya.

JUN 29 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

IG Jazzwoche at KM28

Microfiche Max Alduca (bass), Nick Calligeros (trumpet), Holly Conner (percussion), Sam Gill (alto sax), Novak Manojlovic (piano), and Phillippa Murphy-Haste (clarinet)

Spill Tony Buck (percussion) and Magda Mayas (piano)

JUN 28 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Owen Gardner, solo guitar, and Sno Globe, featuring Julia Reidy (electric guitar) and Finn Ryan (drums)

JUN 27 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Vibrant Matter Portraits #2

Nomi Epstein, performs solo piano and text and notated scores with Miako Klein (violin, voice), Christian Kesten (voice, percussion), Joseph Houston (piano, voice), and Michiko Ogawa (clarinets, voice)

JUN 26 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sequence #6

Louise McMonagle performing solo cello works by Carter, Thorvaldsdottir, Holloway-Nahum, Fernando, Osborn, and Berio; Tilman Kanitz (cello) performing Claren, Saturn A (2018); and Tilman Kanitz & Thomas Mahmoud (electronics) performing Mahmoud, Univorm (The Tapeworm, 2019) .


Golden Age #3

An dual exhibition of recent art works by Rishin Singh and Nicolas Wiese

JUN 21 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Manuel Pessoa de Lima performing The Failed Pianist (2019), and Ned Collette, songs and improvised scenes for voice, guitar, and electronics

JUN 20 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Series ::

Ashley Fure performs Shiver Lung 2 (2017) for solo percussion and electronics; Michelle Lou presents recent work with modular synthesis

JUN 19 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

The new trio of John Butcher (saxophones), Burkhard Beins (percussion), and Werner Dafeldecker (double bass)


die Riehe presents David Behrman (synthesizers, software) and Matana Roberts (saxophone) performing Behrman's U E 2 (2019) and ViewFinder (1972/2016); Nicolas Collins performing The Royal Touch (2014) for solo electronics, and Matana Roberts performing Collins's Still Lives (1993/2016) for solo saxophone.

(Concert to be followed by a conversation with the artists. Please note this concert starts at 20:00 sharp.)

JUN 14 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Partitions & Resonances #2

Partitions & Resonances presents Andrew Lafkas (contrabass) with special guest Takako Suzuki, and Catherine Lamb's Prisma Interius VII (premiere, original version), performed by Johnny Chang (violin) and Xavier Lopez (synthesizer)

JUN 13 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sequence #5

Seth Josel performing Christopher Williams, Diferencias Familiares sobre las Cuerdas (2008/2009) for solo acoustic metal-stringed guitar, tape, and electronics; Martin Iddon, Aigeiros (2016), ligata for guitar and fixed media; and Catherine Lamb, point/wave (2014) for steel-string guitar and environmental chord cycle.

JUN 11 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT


Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik launches its new series CARE with Neo Hülcker performing Tape for Terry (2015) and Brandon Farnsworth realizing A Few (more) Silences (2015) by Aaron Finbloom and Sandeep Bhagwati.

JUN 10 MON 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sequence #4

NoiserKroiser, featuring Timo Kreuser (inside piano) and Nikolaus Neuser (trumpet), and Émilie Girard-Charest (cello) and Brice Catherin (cello) performing Criton, Plis; Girard-Charest, S'offrir, and Catherin, Séquences

JUN 8 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Elliott Sharp (guitar, electronics) plays solo and together with Magda Mayas (piano) and Hilary Jeffery (trombone).

JUN 7 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Entangled Sounds #3

Rabiator (analog electronics) and Marisol Jimenez (noise spring harps)

JUN 6 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Perlonex (Ignaz Schick, Jörg Maria Zeger, and Burkhard Beins) meets Valerio Tricoli (Revox tape machine, electronics) in this installment of its 20th anniversary concert series.

JUN 4 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Cao, Siedl & Seidel present their new release Optimistic Modernism, with Lan Cao (Marxophone, sampler, synthesizer), Gregor Siedl (clarinet, sax, game calls, electronics), and Wolfgang Seidel (percussion, table-top guitar, synthesizer)

JUN 1 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Ale Hop performs solo for guitar and electronics, and ..dno< sound theater, the electronics duo of Denis Sorokin and Sergei Tumanov, meets Xavier Lopez (synthesizers).

MAY 31 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Music by Viola Torros, performed by Johnny Chang (viola) & Catherine Lamb (viola), and the duo of Nicolas Wiese (electronics) & Eric Wong (electric guitar)

MAY 29 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Vibrant Matter Portraits #1

Clara de Asís presents De ce côté-ci (2019) for acoustic guitar and small percussion, and Souvent (2019), performed by Margareth Kammerer (guitar, voice), Heather Frasch (sonic objects), and Seiji Morimoto (electronic devices)

MAY 28 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

The Satoko Fujii Berlin Quartet, featuring Satoko Fujii (piano), Natsuki Tamura (trumpet), Mike Majkowski (bass), and Sam Hall (drums)

MAY 27 MON 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Release concert for Anthony Pateras, Collected Works Vol II, with performances of A Happy Sacrifice (2018) for contrabass & electronics (Jon Heilbron); Sphinxs Riddle [for MKH] (2017) for piano & electronics (Anthony Pateras); Burning is the Thing (2018) for piccolo & electronics (Rebecca Lane); Thinning (2018) for clarinet & electronics (Samuel Dunscombe); and Prayer For Nil (2014) for soprano voice & electronics (Jessica Aszodi)

MAY 26 SUN 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

SOMA Antonis Anissegos (piano) and Thimios Atzakas (oud)

MAY 22 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler returns to KM28 with new works for solo piano (world premiere), a duo for piano and flute (with Erik Drescher), a solo for bass flute and playback (Rebecca Lane), and electronic remixes from the forthcoming Reworks: Ernstalbrecht Stiebler on Karlrecords.

MAY 19 SUN 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

The electroacoustic trio of Joe Talia (electronics), Adam Pultz Melbye (bass), and Samuel Hall (percussion)

MAY 18 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

MOVE, the free-improvising quintet of Emilio Gordoa (vibes), Achim Kaufmann (piano), Adam Pultz Melbye (bass), Dag Magnus Narvesen (percussion), and Harri Sjöström (soprano sax)

MAY 17 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

emitter micro festival

Fifth year of the Emitter Micro festival, featuring Boris Hegenbart (audio DSP); Olaf Hochherz (half animal synthesizer); and crys cole (contact mics, voice, electronics)

MAY 16 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Plainsound Quartet performs Émilie Girard-Charest, S’offrir (2016) and Marc Sabat, Claudius Ptolemy (2008/2017)

Hatano Rasten Dunscombe Trio, with Atsuko Hatano (five-string viola, electronics), Fredrik Rasten (guitar, electronics), and Samuel Dunscombe (clarinet, electronics)

MAY 15 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Series ::

Plainsound Orchestra performs Marcus Pal, Phenomenal harmonicity (2019) and Marc Sabat, Seeds of skies, alibis: Prologue (2017)

Plainsound Orchestra: Rebecca Lane (alto flute, voice), Catherine Lamb (viola, voice), Thomas Nicholson (organ, voice), Fredrik Rasten (guitar, voice), Vilhelm Bromander (contrabass, voice), Marcus Pal (electronics, voice), Juho Laitinen (cello, voice), Marc Sabat (violin, electronics)

MAY 14 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Be Quiet Music #1

20 Guilders, the psych-folk guitar duo of Mitsuru Tabata and Suzuki Junzo, and Rico Lee (vocals, guitar) with Stellan Veloce (cello)

MAY 11 SAT 19:00

Golden Age #2

Opening of an exhibition of works by Rieko Hotta and Agnė Juodvalkytė

MAY 10 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Porta Chiusa, the microtonal clarinet trio of Paed Conca, Michael Thieke, and Hans Koch; Jon Heilbron, Piece for Chord Organs, from his recent release on Intonema

MAY 9 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Vibrant Matter #3

Christina Ertl-Shirley and Felicity Mangan's soil soundscape Subsoil, and Martyna Poznanska's Requiem for a Fly, a ritual using prepared corpses of flies, a poem, and field recordings.

MAY 8 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

The Still Chris Abrahams (piano), Steve Heather (drums), Rico Lee (guitar), and Derek Shirley (bass)

MAY 7 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

TREE, with Chris Abrahams (dx7, electronics), Burkhard Beins (synth, electronics), and Andrea Ermke (samples, field recordings), and a solo set by Chris Abrahams (piano)

MAY 4 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Robbie Avenaim, solo for semi-automated robotic percussion, and duo with Mike Majkowski (double bass)

MAY 3 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Entangled Sounds #2

Vinyl -terror & -horror, the turntable collaboration of Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen, and rrill bell, solo for tapes and electronics.

MAY 1 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Marina Poleukhina, solo for rattling and singing objects; duo with Alexander Chernyshkov for two voices, can, feedback, and "wow" objects; and trio with Chernyshkov & Thiébault Imm (guitar)

APR 30 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Release concert of RRR, with Liz Kosack (synth, mask, lights) and Dan Peter Sundland (electric bass, lights). Solo set by Laura Schuler for violin, voice, and electronics.

APR 27 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

e:r:x performs Alvin Lucier's Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (1988) for solo percussion and gives the German premiere of Michael Pisaro's A mist is a collection of points (2014) for piano, sine waves, and percussion. Romain Bertheau (piano), Emilio Gordoa (percussion), and Xavier Lopez (electronics)

APR 26 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Home Stretch Dan Peter Sundland's Berlin quartet, featuring Philipp Gropper (tenor sax), Antonis Anissegos (piano), Dan Peter Sundland (bass), and Steve Heather (drums)

APR 25 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Leuchtstoff #1

The Schwebstoff/Leuchtstoff series for electroacoustic music presents Mario de Vega & Arnaud Rivière (duo); Adam Asnan (solo); and Daniel Löwenbrück (solo).

APR 24 WED 19:00 DOOR, 20:00 CONCERT

Very Organized, an evening of music for domestic organ, with Boris Baltschun, Musik für Aerophone und Computer (Harmona pump organ, DDR, 1960s); Kaffe Matthews, Foreigners (Elka, Italy, 1970s); Andrea Parkins, Ace Tone in the Lost and Found (Ace Tone Top 8 combo, USA, 1965/66); and Antje Vowinckel, Forty Winks for Organs and Things (Korg CX-3, analog version, Japan, 1979)

APR 20 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

First duo concert by two touchstones of the European jazz scene: Tobias Delius (sax/clarinet) & Håvard Wiik (piano)

APR 18 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Two works from Catherine Lamb's Prisma Interius series: Prisma Interius I and Prisma Interius IV (2016/2017), performed by Xavier Lopez (synthesizer), Rebecca Lane (flutes, voice), Bryan Eubanks (alto saxophone), Evelyn Saylor (voice), Catherine Lamb (viola, voice), Johnny Chang (viola), and Andrew Lafkas (bass)

APR 17 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sacred Realism CD/Book release

Dan Brown & Dan Reynolds, D=D, performed by Joe Foster and Bryan Eubanks

Asnan-Foster-Eubanks Adam Asnan (synthesizers), Joe Foster (trumpet and electronics), and Bryan Eubanks (saxophone and electronics)

APR 16 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sacred Realism CD release of Andrew Lafkas's "Two Paths With Active Shadows Under Three Moons and Surveillance"

Model Infinity Through Listening and Action Orchestra, with Johnny Chang (viola), Catherine Lamb (viola), Rebecca Lane (flutes), Bryan Eubanks (saxophones), Joe Foster (trumpet), Carina Khorkhordina (trumpet), Rishin Singh (trombone), Xavier Lopez (synthesizer), Eric Bauer (synthesizer), Eric Wong (electric guitar), Margareth Kammerer (guitar, voice), Hannes Buder (cello), Brianne Curran (violin), Andrew Lafkas (contrabass), and Yorgos Dimitriadis (percussion)

APR 15 MON 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Duo by Sudden Infant frontman Joke Lanz (turntables) and composer/guitarist Beat Keller (feedbacker guitar); solo set by Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (amplified trombone)

APR 13 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Schwebstoff #5

Krakow Improvisers Orchestra perform SCORES, with Paulina Owczarek (saxophones), Ernest Ogórek (double bass), Adam Nyk (voice, electronics), Sebastian Mac (electric guitar), Wiktor Krzak (bassoon, electronics), Malwina Kołodziejczyk (tenor saxophone), Brianne Curran (violin), and Tomek Chołoniewski (percussion)

APR 12 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Brass Reed Strings A quintet focusing on long durations of sound and subtle changes in intonation and tonal color, with Robin Hayward (tuba), Torstein Lavik Larsen (trumpet), Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (trombone), Andreas Røysum (clarinet), and Fredrik Rasten (guitar)

APR 10 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Latest compositions from Pip, the trumpet and guitar duo of Torstein Lavik Larsen and Fredrik Rasten, followed by Catherine Lamb's Coclea Study for secondary rainbow synthesizer

APR 9 TUE 19:30

Michael Thieke & Luigi Marino, duo for for clarinet and percussion/electronics, and a solo set for extended snare drum by Etienne Nillesen

APR 6 SAT 19:30

Nguyễn + Transitory, the performative electronics duo of Nguyễn Baly and Tara Transitory; Audrey Chen & Doron Sadja's Afterburner, an immersive duo for light, voice, and electronics

APR 5 FRI 19:30

Antimatter #2

Frans de Waard's Modelbau (live sound archive) and Ioana Vreme Moser performing Coquetta (2018).

APR 4 THU 19:30

tmrw> #4

Fourth installment of the tmrw> tape label series, with Ivan Palacký & Axel Dörner (duo for amplified Dopleta knitting machine and trumpet); Eric B. & Kamil (duo for electronics and tape); and Tape Dub founder Sara Valentino

APR 1 MON 19:30

Violinist Artiom Shishkov plays Bach's Sonata No. 3; Steve Reich's Violin Phase (for violin and delay), and the chaccone from Bach's Partita No. 2. A record release concert by Backlash Music.

MAR 28 THU 19:30

Håvard Wiik, solo piano, and Axel Dörner, solo trumpet

MAR 26 TUE 19:30

Schwebstoff #4

Record release of Ernstalbrecht Stiebler's zwischen den tönen on Edition Telemark.

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, neues cellostück mit zeitverzögerung (ua), performed by Tilman Kanitz (cello) and Stefan Tiedje (delay)

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, moments musicaux tonals, performed by Ernstalbrecht Stiebler

MAR 23 SAT 19:30

Sébastien Vaillancourt performs Persian Surgery Dervishes by Terry Riley (for keyboard, three delays, and six speakers) and pieces from the recent SebVé release, Maximum Intra

MAR 21 THU 19:30

Series ::

Peter Cusack, Aral Sea Project

Annette Krebs, Konstruktion #4, with Tomomi Adachi

MAR 19 TUE 19:30

The International Nothing, In Doubt We Trust (2015-17), composed and performed by Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet) and Michael Thieke (clarinet)

Dieter Kovacic, In Trout We Dust (2019), sneak preview of a film about The International Nothing

MAR 16 SAT 19:30

tmrw> #3

GRÜN Daniele De Santis (self-made oscillators, tape); ASK Aziz Lewandowski (piano), Samuel Hall (percussion), Kamil Korolczuk (tape); Tape set by Maximilian Glass (Daizy & Holy)

MAR 15 FRI 19:30

Tomomi Adachi (voice/sensors), Panos Ghikas (violin/unrealtime interface), and Nick Roth (saxophonics)

MAR 14 THU 19:30

Nic Collins (!trumpet); Peter Cusack (guitar, field recordings) and Ute Wassermann (voice, whistles)

Liz Allbee (trumpet), Nic Collins (!trumpet) and Magda Mayas (piano)

MAR 12 TUE 19:30

Kate Carr, field recordings

Melanie Velarde, solo electronics

MAR 11 MON 19:30

Volumes Magda Mayas (piano), Torstein Lavik Larsen (trumpet), Isak Hedtjärn (clarinet), and Fredrik Rasten (guitar), with guest Mike Majkowski (double bass)

MAR 9 SAT 19:30

Julia Reidy (guitar, synth, and vox) & Suze Whaites (live projection) performing brace, brace, and Jessica Sligter, electronics and voice

MAR 8 SAT 19:30

Forthwith Festival presents Kelly Ruth, solo for amplified weaving loom; Victor Mazon, solo for electronics and antennas; and Felicty Mangan, performing Stereo'frog'ic for electronics

MAR 7 THU 19:30

Anthony Coleman, solo piano

MAR 6 WED 19:30

Schwebstoff #3

Denzler - Grip - Johansson Record release of the trio's third LP, Zyklus I. Bertrand Denzler (tenor sax), Joel Grip (contrabass), and Sven-Åke Johansson (drums)

MAR 5 TUE 19:30

Partitions & Resonances #1

Seiji Morimoto, solo for electronics and objects

Eric Wong, Replacement and Jürg Frey, 60 Pieces of Sound, performed by Johnny Chang (viola), Denis Sorokin (contact mics, radio, ukulele, pitch pipes, objects), and Eric Wong (electric guitar)

MAR 2 SAT 19:30

OBLIQ Pierre Borel (alto saxophone), Hannes Lingens (drums and objects), and Derek Shirley (bass and electronics) and Hannes Lingens, solo percussion

FEB 28 THU 19:30

Lafkas & Eubanks, solos and duo by Andrew Lafkas (double bass) and Bryan Eubanks (saxophone electronics, clave, and computer-generated sound)

FEB 27 WED 19:30

Frank Gratkowski & Matthias Bauer, duo for reeds and bass


Golden Age #1

Exhibition of works by Henri Haake and Martyna Poznanska

FEB 22 FRI 19:30

Achim Kaufmann & Yorgos Dimitriadis, duo for piano and drums/microphones

FEB 21 THU 19:30

Series ::

Anaïs Tuerlinckx, solo piano, and Quentin Tolimieri, solo piano

FEB 20 WED 19:30

Der lange Schatten, featuring Håvard Wiik (piano), Michael Thieke (clarinet) and Antonio Borghini (bass); Dan Peter Sundland, solo for electric bass

FEB 15 FRI 19:30

Thomas Nicholson performs piano works on an instrument tuned in Sabat II Just Intonation Well-Temperament: Marc Sabat, Etude; Ludwig von Beehoven, Sonata No. 30 in E major, Op. 109; Thomas Nicholson, JUST; and Morton Feldman, Palais de Mari

FEB 14 THU 19:30

tmrw > #2

Grupa Etyka Kurpina, solo tape performance, and Auguste Vickunaite & Nina Guo, duo for tape and soprano

FEB 13 WED 19:30

DNK Ensemble & Friends, Dante Boon (piano, objects), Seamus Cater (concertina, voice, objects), Koen Nutters (bass, objects), Martijn Tellinga (sine tones, objects), with guests Catherine Lamb (viola, voice, objects) and Rishin Singh (trombone, objects), performing:

Marc Sabat, Nocturne (1996); Dante Boon, the prayer's end (2015/19); Seamus Cater, Trees, part 1, arrangement 3 (2018); Heather Frasch, To capture a transition (2018); and Koen Nutters, Horizontal harmony for DNK Ensemble (version 2) (2019)

FEB 09 SAT 19:30

SebVé release concert for his new LP Maximum Intra; Giovanni Verga, solo electronics; and JD Zazie, solo electronics

FEB 07 THU 19:30

Flamingo presents GRDS, its expanded lineup for 11 performers: Yorgos Dimitriadis (snare), Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet), Adam Goodwin (bass), Chris Heenan (contrabass clarinet), Brad Henkel (trumpet), Elena Kakaliagou (horn), Mike Majkowski (bass), Adam Pultz Melbye (bass), Dag Magnus Narvesen (snare), Simon Rose (baritone saxophone), Christian Windfeld (snare)

FEB 06 WED 19:30

Flamingo Chris Heenan (contrabass clarinet), Adam Pultz Melbye (contrabass), Christian Windfeld (snare)

FEB 02 SAT 19:30

Anna Zaradny (electronics, synthesizers) performs music from her solo album Go Go Theurgy

Andrea Taeggi (electronics), live set based on his recent work with the Hitachi 240 analog computer, HP3300A function generator, HP8006A word generator, EG&G Model 189, ARP 2500, and ARP 2600

FEB 01 FRI 19:30

Bryan Eubanks and Eric Wong, duo for synthesizer and electric guitar, and Mike Majkowski, solo electronics

JAN 30 WED 19:30

Els Vandeweyer, solo vibraphone. and Sabine Vogel, solo flute amplified flute and other things

JAN 29 TUE 19:30

Biliana Voutchkova, Miako Klein, and Magda Mayas, trio for violin/voice, recorders, and prepared piano

JAN 25 FRI 19:30

Antonis Anissegos, solo for amplified piano

JAN 24 THU 19:30

Series ::

Phill Niblock presents Poure for Lucy (23:32), performed by Lucy Railton, cello, and Two Blooms (46:00), performed by Ensemble Partitions and Resonances: Johnny Chang (vn), Catherine Lamb (va), Hannes Lingens (acc), Mike Majkowski (db), Morten J Olsen (vib), Derek Shirley (vc)

JAN 23 WED 19:30

The Pitch, with Boris Baltschun (electric pump organ/computer), Koen Nutters (bass), Morten J. Olsen (vibraphone/cassette delay), and Michael Thieke (clarinet)

JAN 19 SAT 19:30

Zaïmph, the solo project of Marcia Bassett; Maria Chavez, solo turntable set; and Megumi Eda/Audrey Chen, duo for dance and voice/electronics

JAN 16 WED 19:30

tmrw> #1

tmrw> cassette label presents Rinus van Alebeek, tape performance, and Carina Khorkhordina, solo trumpet

JAN 15 TUE 19:30

Schwebstoff #2

Burkhard Beins, solo percussion, and Werner Dafeldecker, solo contrabass, with special guest Jens Strüver

JAN 12 SAT 19:30

s o n g s Annie Gårlid (viola, voice), Derek Shirley (cello), Rishin Singh (trombone, voice), and Stine Sterne (flute, voice)

JAN 11 FRI 19:30

Sequence #3

Christian Smith, performing music for single percussion instruments (frame drum, spring drum, tile, stone, and saw blades)

Esaias Järnegard, kuarup A (2013) for frame drum and singing percussionist

Esaias Järnegard, kuarup B (2013) for spring drum

Douglas Farrand, Discrete Species (2011-18), for stone, tile, and saw blades (concept and video by Christian Smith)

JAN 10 THU 19:30

Vibrant Matter #3

Marisol Jiménez performing Works for Cybernetic Ensemble, and Axel Dörner and Heather Frasch, duo for trumpet and flute

JAN 09 WED 19:00

chords, melodies #4

Marc Sabat, Seeds of skies, alibis: Prologue (2018) (live computer music version)

Mareike Yin-Yee Lee and Marc Sabat, HANDS to MOUTHS (2018) (media work)

Sara Cubarsi and Xenia Gogu (Duo Skhisma) perform violin solos and duets by Marc Sabat:

  • Plainsound Duet (2018)

  • Sei Bach-Intonazioni per Violino Solo, IIa (2010-17): Sonata Seconda a Violino Solo senza Basso, by J.S. Bach (intonation and 2nd voice composed by Marc Sabat)

  • Les Duresses: a book of music in Just Intonation (2004) : Intonation after Morton Feldman 1; Intonation after Morton Feldman 2; Two Commas; and Duas Quintas

  • Cucumber Serenades (2009), also with Marc Sabat and Thomas Nicholson (violin choir)

JAN 08 TUE 19:00

chords, melodies #3

Chiyoko Szlavnics, Water Sky (2018) (media work)

Marc Sabat, Gioseffo Zarlino (2015), performed by Marc Sabat (viola), Thomas Nicholson (violin), and Fredrik Rasten (guitar)

Vilhelm Bromander and Fredrik Rasten, duo for double bass and guitar

Viola Torros, Augmentations, arranged and performed by Catherine Lamb and Johnny Chang (violas)

Germaine Sijstermans, thi (2018) for bass clarinet

Germaine Sijstermans, lavendula (2018), performed by Rebecca Lane (flute), rmaine Sijstersmans (clarinet), and Derek Shirley (cello)

Fredrik Rasten, Harmony for two or more voices (2018), performed by Marc Sabat (viola), Thomas Nicholson (violin), Fredrik Rasten (guitar), Catherine Lamb (viola), Johnny Chang (viola), and Vilhelm Bromander (double bass)

JAN 07 MON 19:00

chords, melodies #2

Thomas Nicholson, servicemaster (2017) (media work)

Thomas Nicholson, JUST (2019), performed by Thomas Nicholson (piano)

Thomas Nicholson, STILL (2018), performed by Marc Sabat (viola) and Thomas Nicholson (violin)

Vilhelm Bromander and Michael Thieke, duo for double bass and clarinet

Johan Lindvall, waiting - singing (2018), performed by Fredrik Rasten (guitar) and Germaine Sijstermans (clarinet)

Germaine Sijstermans, call, there (2018), performed by Eric Wong (guitar), Johny Chang (viola), Germaine Sijstermans (bass clarinet)

JAN 06 SUN 19:00

chords, melodies #1

Mareike Yin-Yee Lee and Marc Sabat, LIGHT GROUND (media work)

Marc Sabat, Part song (2017), performed by Marc Sabat (violin) and Vilhelm Bromander (double bass)

Fredrik Rasten, Limn for guitar and voice (2018)

Catherine Lamb, Prisma Interius III, performed by Catherine Lamb (viola) and Bryan Eubanks (secondary rainbow synthesizer)

Marc Sabat, Nocturne (1996), performed by Thomas Nicholson (piano)

DEC 27 THU 19:30

Vibrant Matter #2

Tomoko Hojo, Unfinished Descriptions. Exhibition and performance of compositions based on Yoko Ono's O14, with scores by Peter Cusack, Cathy Lane, Catherine Clover, Daniela Cascella, David Toop, G Douglas Barrett, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Rie Nakajima, and others

DEC 18 TUE 19:30

Magda Mayas & Michel Doneda, duo for prepared piano and soprano saxophone

DEC 15 SAT 19:30

Schwebstoff #1

Simon James Phillips, solo piano

DEC 13 THU 19:30

Vibrant Matter #1

A realization of Mark So's Girls on the Run (Other dreams) (2010) for ten readers, each with an image drawn from a remote experience. Performed by Esra Altin, Joanna Bailie, Johnny Chang, Jessica Gaynor, Maggie Kammerer, Koen Nutters, Martyna Poznańska, Brett Thompson, Quentin Tolimieri, and Monika Zykla

DEC 07 FRI 19:30

Entangled Sounds #1

Felicity Mangan performing Quadra’frog’ic, for transducers, computer, and stereo sound system, and Odd Narrative (tape, synths, electro-acoustic setup), a collaboration between Wouter Jaspers and Hainbach.

2018 NOV 25 SUN 19:30

Series ::

Catherine Lamb, Prisma Interius VIII (SR Version) (2018) performed by Catherine Lamb (viola), Rebecca Lane (tenor recorder), Lucy Railton (cello), Jon Heilbron (double bass), Joseph Houston (synthesizer), Xavier Lopez (synthesizer).

Bryan Eubanks, For Four Double Basses (2014) performed by Jon Heilbron, Koen Nutters, Derek Shirley, and Mike Majkowski

2018 NOV 23 FRI 19:30

Antimatter #1

Richard Scott, quadraphonic set for Hordijk synthesizer, and Wouter Jaspers, field recordings in triphonic mode.

2018 NOV 22 THU 19:30

Sequence #2

Sarah Saviet (violin) playing Sciarrino, Caprice No. 6 / Gieshoff, spun / Finnissy, All the Trees They Are So High / Mendoza, Die Macht der Gewohnheit / Miller, For Mira / Johnson, Wolke über Bäumen / Dunn, Habitual

2018 NOV 15 THU 19:30

Sequence #1

Imri Talgam (piano) playing Nancarrow, Studies for Player Piano Nos. 6 and 15; Two Canons for Ursula; and Tango? / Poppe, 840 variations / Furrer, voicelessness (the snow has no voice) / Krueger, renk / Klartag, Generally Pathetic for piano and analog synthesizer

2018 NOV 14 WED 19:30

Karlrecords presents Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø + Finn Loxbo, duo for trombone and guitar; Audrey Chen presenting her new release Runt Vigor; and Hanno Leichtmann presenting his new release Nouvelle Aventure

2018 NOV 10 SAT 19:30

Derek Shirley (bass), Rico Lee (guitar), and Chris Abrahams (piano) Members of The Still play in trio formation.

2018 NOV 09 FRI 19:30

Werner Dafeldecker, Lucio Capece, and Jon Heilbron Solo for double bass (Heilbron); duo for double bass and bass clarinet (Dafeldecker and Capece); trio for bass clarinet and two double basses

2018 NOV 08 THU 19:30

Boris Baltschun + Mike Majkowski, duo for analog synthesizers and analog electronics/sampler