Karl-Marx-Str. 28, 12043 Berlin booking requests

Best wishes from KM28. We look forward to returning with a full schedule in spring 2021. We're currently booking dates starting from April 2021, with the understanding that these concerts may get pushed out until May or beyond.

DEC 10 (THU), 11 (FRI), 12 (SAT) 19:00 LIVESTREAM

KNM Contemporaries: Music in the Making 2020

For three days, KNM Contemporaries offers a platform for intercultural composition, listening, and discussion, featuring solo pieces by Francisco C. Goldschmidt, Macarena Rosmanich, Martin Schüttler, Anda Kryeziu, Füsun Köksal, Anaïs-Nour Benlachhab, Catherine Lamb, Matti Heininen, Hunjoo Jung, and Emre Dündar, performed by members of Ensemble KNM Berlin.

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OCT 31 SAT 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Power Loom #2

Power Loom continues its new series for Berlin-based electronics with solo sets by Mario de Vega and Cammack Lindsey.

OCT 30 FRI 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Entr'acte and Stellage record release

Lucio Capece presents his new album Epimoric Tide for slide sax and electronics, and Quentin Tolimieri performs solo piano.

OCT 29 THU 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Nowhere Street #1

Peter Margasak kicks off his Nowhere Street series with crys cole performing a piece of work and Deborah Walker performing Starflux for cello and electronics.

See our archive for a full list of past concerts.

Karl-Marx-Str. 28, 12043 Berlin booking requests