Karl-Marx-Str. 28, Berlin 12043

JUN 1 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Ale Hop performs solo for guitar and electronics, and ..dno< sound theater, the electronics duo of Denis Sorokin and Sergei Tumanov, meets Xavier Lopez (synthesizers).

JUN 4 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Cao, Siedl & Seidel present their new release Optimistic Modernism, with Lan Cao (Marxophone, sampler, synthesizer), Gregor Siedl (clarinet, sax, game calls, electronics), and Wolfgang Seidel (percussion, table-top guitar, synthesizer)

JUN 6 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Perlonex (Ignaz Schick, Jörg Maria Zeger, and Burkhard Beins) meets Valerio Tricoli (Revox tape machine, electronics) in this installment of its 20th anniversary concert series.

JUN 7 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Entangled Sounds presents Rabiator (analog electronics) and Marisol Jimenez (noise spring harps)

JUN 8 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Elliott Sharp (guitar, electronics) plays solo and together with Magda Mayas (piano) and Hilary Jeffery (trombone).

JUN 10 MON 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sequence presents NoiserKroiser, featuring Timo Kreuser (inside piano) and Nikolaus Neuser (trumpet), and Émilie Girard-Charest (cello) and Brice Catherin (cello) performing Criton, Plis; Girard-Charest, S'offrir, and Catherin, Séquences

JUN 11 TUE 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Berliner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik launches its new series CARE with Neo Hülcker performing Tape for Terry (2015) and Brandon Farnsworth realizing A Few (more) Silences (2015) by Aaron Finbloom and Sandeep Bhagwati.

JUN 13 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sequence presents Seth Josel performing Christopher Williams, Diferencias Familiares sobre las Cuerdas (2008/2009) for solo acoustic metal-stringed guitar, tape, and electronics; Martin Iddon, Aigeiros (2016), ligata for guitar and fixed media; and Catherine Lamb, point/wave (2014) for steel-string guitar and environmental chord cycle.

JUN 14 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Partitions & Resonances presents Andrew Lafkas (contrabass) with special guest Takako Suzuki, and Catherine Lamb's Prisma Interius VII (premiere, original version), performed by Johnny Chang (violin) and Xavier Lopez (synthesizer)


die Riehe presents David Behrman (synthesizers, software) and Matana Roberts (saxophone) performing Behrman's U E 2 (2019) and ViewFinder (1972/2016); Nicolas Collins performing The Royal Touch (2014) for solo electronics, and Matana Roberts performing Collins's Still Lives (1993/2016) for solo saxophone.

(Concert to be followed by a conversation with the artists. Please note this concert starts at 20:00 sharp.)

JUN 19 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

The new trio of John Butcher (saxophones), Burkhard Beins (percussion), and Werner Dafeldecker (double bass)

JUN 20 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Series :: presents Ashley Fure performing Shiver Lung 2 (2017) for solo percussion and electronics and Michelle Lou's new works with modular synthesis

JUN 21 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Manuel Pessoa de Lima performing The Failed Pianist (2019), and Ned Collette, songs and improvised scenes for voice, guitar, and electronics


An dual exhibition of recent art works by Rishin Singh and Nicolas Wiese

JUN 26 WED 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Sequence presents Louise McMonagle performing solo cello works by Carter, Thorvaldsdottir, Holloway-Nahum, Fernando, Osborn, and Berio; Tilman Kanitz (cello) performing Claren, Saturn A (2018); and Tilman Kanitz & Thomas Mahmoud (electronics) performing Mahmoud, Univorm (The Tapeworm, 2019) .

JUN 27 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Vibrant Matter Portraits #2

Nomi Epstein, performs solo piano and text and notated scores with Miako Klein (violin, voice), Christian Kesten (voice, percussion), Joseph Houston (piano, voice), and Michiko Ogawa (clarinets, voice)

JUN 28 FRI 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Owen Gardner, solo guitar, and Sno Globe, featuring Julia Reidy (electric guitar) and Finn Ryan (drums)

JUN 29 SAT 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

IG Jazzwoche at KM28

Microfiche Max Alduca (bass), Nick Calligeros (trumpet), Holly Conner (percussion), Sam Gill (alto sax), Novak Manojlovic (piano), and Phillippa Murphy-Haste (clarinet)

Spill + Kerbaj Tony Buck (percussion), Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), and Magda Mayas (piano)

JUL 11 THU 19:30 DOOR, 20:30 CONCERT

Series ::

Sabina Maselli (live processing of hand-processed 16mm film) and Michiko Ogawa (sho, clarinet) perform 3 attempts to contact Maya

Manuel Pessoa de Lima, Michiko Ogawa, and an anonymous videographer present their audio-visual collaboration Ya-ya.