Karl-Marx-Str. 28, Berlin 12043 /

JAN 11 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT (note early start time)

The International Nothing celebrate its 20th anniversary with Three Nights of Nothing. The series begins at KM28 with Morton Feldman's Palais de Mari (1986), performed by Antonis Anissegos (solo piano); Seamus Cater, Traces of Alexander J. Ellis (2020) for voice and extended Pythagorean concertina; and The International Nothing (Kai Fagaschinski & Michael Thieke, clarinets & compositions) performing Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything (2006-09)

JAN 13 MON 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Silke Eberhard, winner of Jazzpreis Berlin 2019, starts the year with a performance by her flagship trio, with Jan Roder (bass) and Kay Lübke (drums).

JAN 14 TUE 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 EVENT


Electronics composer, label manager, and author Cedrík Fermont and composer, musician, and poet Tomomi Adachi present their recent work and discuss currents within the global contemporary music scene.

JAN 15 WED 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Worst Behaviour #2

Jennifer Torrence and Simon Løffler perform Graduale by Simon Løffler; Choral by Jeppe Virenfeldt Ernst; An elemental thing by Liza Lim; and Diomedeidae by Simon Løffler.

JAN 17 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT (note early start time)

tmrw> #09

tmrw> tape label presents Nina Guo & Augustė Vickunaitė's duo for high soprano and reel-to-reel tape recorder, Emilio Gordoa's Sound Emancipations I.II, and William "Bilwa" Costa's premiere of number phase: 12 - 19 / 20 - 90.

JAN 18 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT (note early start time)

The Mouthfeel is a series that explores poetry, narrative, and lecture in the context of experimental music and sound. Edition No. 2 features Antje Vowinckel, Kathi Hofer, Luci Dayhew, Nathan Gray, and T. Kowalski (in conjunction with CTM Vorspiel 2020.)

JAN 20 MON 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Release concert for Das B.'s first album Canopy, with Tony Buck (drums), Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Magda Mayas (piano) and Mike Majkowski (bass)

JAN 23 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Judith Hamann plays Pulse Studies II for solo cello, and Jon Heilbron plays "January 22. Thomas Crow appears out of his mind. Sub-inspector King shot himself on the police station verandah. Another hot day." for solo contrabass

JAN 24 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Sam Dunscombe presents his recent compositions Outside Ludlow (Desert Disco) for quarter-inch tape, field recordings, and analog and digital synthesis and Eternities Return, a multi-channel synthesized work for sine waves.

JAN 25 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Kink Gong (aka Laurent Jeanneau) presents an audiovisual work comprising material from his acclaimed releases Chinese Voice (2019), Dali Market China (2007), Xinjiang 2009 (2018), Tibetan Buddhism Trip (2016), Morsing Bimo 1997 (2018), and Lisu Thailand (2013).

JAN 30 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

The percussion and electronics duo reConvert perform Fernando Manassero's Amoeba and other works, with video by Ramiro Iturrioz. Mads Emil Dreyer's short film Bølger (2015) will also be presented.

JAN 31 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Composer Alex Mendizabal gives a site-specific concert for membranes, water, and soap; performance artist Mattin gives a solo for audience.

FEB 1 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Luc Ex (bass) debuts his new trio with Audrey Chen (voice, electronics) and DJIllvibe (turntables); Felicity Mangan, solo electronics and field recordings

FEB 6 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Seth Josel premieres new solo guitar works by William Hellermann (reconstructed by Josel), Nicolas Collins, and Daniela Fantechi.

Nicolas Collins performs Immortal Coil (2019-20) for electromagnetic feedback and other works for live electronics.

FEB 7 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Sarah Saviet (violin) and Susanne Peters (flutes) play Natasha Barrett's Sagittarius A* (with electronics by Nicholas Moroz) and works by Jason Eckardt, Evan Johnson, and Timothy McCormack.

FEB 8 SAT 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Australian Bushfire Benefit

A fundraiser concert with Felicity Mangan, Joe Talia, Ned Collette, Merja Kokkonen, and Jessica Ekomane. All concert proceeds will be donated to the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network.

FEB 14 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Jean-Luc Guionnet & Seijiro Murayama, duo for saxophone and percussion; Leila Bordreuil, solo cello

FEB 20 THU 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Vibrant Matter Portraits #4

Lucie Vítková performs Emergency - Migration (synthesizer, voice, tap dance); Wild Animal (sonic costume, accordion, voice); and Vibrant Matter (accordion, hichiriki, objects, voice), with Evelyn Saylor (voice, synthesizer, electronics), Stellan Veloce (cello, voice), and Martyna Poznańska (field recordings, objects, voice)

FEB 24 MON 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

HEAR in NOW, the string trio of Mazz Swift (violin/vocals), Silvia Bolognesi (bass) and Tomeka Reid (cello)

FEB 28 FRI 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Glue, 10th year anniversary concert, with Tom Arthurs (trumpet), Miles Perkin (contrabass), and Yorgos Dimitriadis (drums & microphones)

FEB 29 SAT 19:30 DOORS, 20:30 CONCERT

Microtub, the world's first microtonal tuba ensemble, with Robin Hayward (microtonal F tuba), Peder Simonsen (microtonal C tuba), and Martin Taxt (microtonal C tuba)