Karl-Marx-Str. 28, Berlin

NOV 22 THU 19:30 Sarah Saviet (violin) playing Sciarrino, Caprice No. 6 / Gieshoff, spun / Finnissy, All the Trees They Are So High / Mendoza, Die Macht der Gewohnheit / Miller, For Mira / Johnson, Wolke über Bäumen / Dunn, Habitual. Presented by Sequence

NOV 23 FRI 19:30 Antimatter #1: Diffusion and Multi-Speaker Configurations The first of five bi-monthly salons for electro-acoustic experimentation and conversation. Richard Scott performs a quadraphonic set on his Hordijk synthesizer. Wouter Jaspers performs a set of field recordings in triphonic mode.

NOV 25 SUN 19:30 Catherine Lamb, Prisma Interius VIII (2018) performed by Catherine Lamb (viola), Rebecca Lane (tenor recorder), Lucy Railton (cello), Jon Heilbron (double bass), Joseph Houston (synthesizer), Xavier Lopez (synthesizer). Bryan Eubanks, For Four Double Basses (2014) performed by Jon Heilbron, Koen Nutters, Derek Shirley, and Mike Majkowski

DEC 07 FRI 19:30 Felicity Mangan performs Quadra’frog’ic, for transducers, computer, and stereo sound system. Odd Narrative (tape, synths, electro-acoustic setup) is a collaboration between Wouter Jaspers and Hainbach. Presented by Entangled Sounds

DEC 13 THU 19:30 Vibrant Matter series

DEC 15 SAT 19:30 Simon James Phillips, solo piano

DEC 18 TUE 19:30 Magda Mayas (piano) and Michel Doneda (saxophone)

JAN 18 FRI 19:30 Antimatter #2: Film and Electronics

JAN 23 WED 19:30 The Pitch, with Boris Baltschun (electric pump organ/computer), Koen Nutters (upright bass), Morten J. Olsen (vibraphone/cassette delay), and Michael Thieke (clarinet)