Karl-Marx-Str. 28, Berlin 12043

Door 19:30 / Concerts 20:30

FEB 13 WED 19:30 DOOR

DNK Ensemble & Friends, Dante Boon (piano, objects), Seamus Cater (concertina, voice, objects), Koen Nutters (bass, objects), Martijn Tellinga (sine tones, objects), with special guests Catherine Lamb (viola, voice, objects) and Rishin Singh (trombone, objects), performing:

Marc Sabat, Nocturne (1996); Dante Boon, the prayer's end (2015/19); Seamus Cater, Trees, part 1, arrangement 3 (2018); Heather Frasch, To capture a transition (2018); and Koen Nutters, Horizontal harmony for DNK Ensemble (version 2) (2019)

FEB 14 THU 19:30 DOOR

tmrw > presents:

Grupa Etyka Kurpina, solo tape performance; Auguste Vickunaite & Nina Guo, duo for tape and soprano

FEB 15 FRI 19:30 DOOR

Thomas Nicholson performs piano works on an instrument tuned in Sabat II Just Intonation Well-Temperament:

Marc Sabat, Etude; Ludwig von Beehoven, Sonata No. 30 in E major, Op. 109; Thomas Nicholson, JUST; and Morton Feldman, Palais de Mari

FEB 20 WED 19:30 DOOR

Der lange Schatten, Håvard Wiik (piano), Michael Thieke (clarinet) and Antonio Borghini (bass); Dan Peter Sundland, solo for electric bass

FEB 21 THU 19:30 DOOR

Series ::

Anaïs Tuerlinckx, solo piano, and Quentin Tolimieri, solo piano

FEB 22 FRI 19:30 DOOR

Achim Kaufmann & Yorgos Dimitriadis, duo for piano and drums/microphones

FEB 23 SAT 19:30 DOOR

The Golden Age presents:

Exhibition opening of Henri Haake and Martyna Poznanska

FEB 27 WED 19:30 DOOR

Frank Gratkowski & Matthias Bauer, duo for reeds and bass

FEB 28 THU 19:30 DOOR

Lafkas & Eubanks, solos and duo by Andrew Lafkas (double bass) and Bryan Eubanks (saxophone electronics, clave, and computer-generated sound)

MAR 2 SAT 19:30 DOOR

OBLIQ Pierre Borel (alto saxophone), Hannes Lingens (drums and objects), and Derek Shirley (bass and electronics)

MAR 5 TUE 19:30 DOOR

Partitions & Resonances #1

Seiji Morimoto, solo for electronics and objects

Eric Wong, Replacement and Jürg Frey, 60 Pieces of Sound, performed by Johnny Chang (viola), Denis Sorokin (contact mics, radio, ukulele, pitch pipes, objects), and Eric Wong (electric guitar)

MAR 6 WED 19:30 DOOR

Schwebstoff #3

Denzler Grip Johansson Record release of the trio's third LP, Zyklus I. Bertrand Denzler (tenor sax), Joel Grip (contrabass), and Sven-Åke Johansson (drums)

MAR 7 THU 19:30 DOOR

Anthony Coleman, solo piano