Ongoing series at KM28

Antimatter A bimonthly salon for electro-acoustic experimentation and conversation (Curator: Wouter Jaspers)

Entangled Sounds A series featuring performers using self-made instruments (acoustic or electronic) and the materiality of audio media, such as turntables or tape players (Curator: Karin Weisenbrunner)

Partitions & Resonances An initiative and intermittent concert series presenting revelations stemming from the convergence of composition, historical research, and performance (Curator: Johnny Chang)

Schwebstoff/Leuchtstoff A binary series alternating between acoustic and electro-acoustic forms of experimental music (Curators: Burkhard Beins, Werner Dafeldecker, Simon James Phillips)

Sequence A series for recent sounds and collaborations (Curator: Sarah Saviet)

Series :: An accidental concert series started in the back room of the bar Studio 8 and currently hosting concerts at PAS and KM28. (Curators: Bryan Eubanks, Catherine Lamb, Rebecca Lane)

tmrw> A series presented by the tmrw> cassette label that serves as a platform for exploring work related to tape, including performances, presentations of recordings, and live tape sets (Curator: Kamil Korolczuk)

Vibrant Matter A series investigating the borders between text/object and sound. (Curators: Heather Frasch, Rebecca Lane)