KM28's ongoing series

Nowhere Street In this concert series, Peter Margasak uses improvisational practices to thread artists who don't have a fixed musical address.

Partitions & Resonances An initiative and intermittent concert series presenting revelations stemming from the convergence of composition, historical research, and performance (Johnny Chang)

Power Loom A series on live electronic music by Berlin-based artists (Lizzie Davis, Bridget Ferrill, and Julia Reidy)

Sequence A series for recent sounds and collaborations (Sarah Saviet)

Series :: An accidental concert series started in the back room of the bar Studio 8 and currently hosting concerts at PAS and KM28. (Bryan Eubanks, Catherine Lamb, Rebecca Lane)

The Golden Age A platform for exhibitions and conversations (Rishin Singh)

Vibrant Matter A series investigating the borders between text/object and sound. (Heather Frasch, Rebecca Lane)

Worst Behaviour Bodies are = to Space. Performance forward. Un-convention(ed) instruments. Talk and talk back. Make risky actions. (Jess Aszodi and Jessie Marino)

Past series

CARE Curated by members of Berliner Gesellschaft für neue Musik, this series focuses on caring for interpersonal relationships, far removed from large institutions – where music and the human begin, in dialogue, in togetherness.

Entangled Sounds A series featuring performers using self-made instruments (acoustic or electronic) and the materiality of audio media, such as turntables or tape players (Karin Weisenbrunner)

tmrw> A series that explores work related to tape, including performances, presentations of recordings, and live tape sets (Kamil Korolczuk of tmrw> cassette label)