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DEC 10 (THU), 11 (FRI), 12 (SAT) 19:00 LIVESTREAM

KNM Contemporaries: Music in the Making 2020

For three days, KNM Contemporaries offers a platform for intercultural composition, listening, and discussion, featuring solo pieces by Francisco C. Goldschmidt, Macarena Rosmanich, Martin Schüttler, Anda Kryeziu, Füsun Köksal, Anaïs-Nour Benlachhab, Catherine Lamb, Matti Heininen, Hunjoo Jung, and Emre Dündar, performed by members of Ensemble KNM Berlin.

Livestream presentations and concerts broadcast from KM28 each night from 19:00. Free viewing at

OCT 31 SAT 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Power Loom #2

Power Loom continues its new series for Berlin-based electronics with solo sets by Mario de Vega and Cammack Lindsey.

OCT 30 FRI 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Entr'acte and Stellage record release

Lucio Capece presents his new album Epimoric Tide for slide sax and electronics, and Quentin Tolimieri performs solo piano.

OCT 29 THU 19:00 DOORS, 20:00 CONCERT

Nowhere Street #1

Peter Margasak kicks off his Nowhere Street series with crys cole performing a piece of work and Deborah Walker performing Starflux for cello and electronics.

Karl-Marx-Str. 28, 12043 Berlin booking requests